Perhaps the greatest legacy of the UBC Animal Welfare Program is the many graduates who have gone on to influential positions where they promote the welfare of animals in business, education, government and the animal protection movement.

Find a full list of program alumni and their theses here.

Michael Brunt
(PhD 2022)

Postdoctoral Researcher

Meghann Cant
(MSc 2013)

Manager, Companion Animal Welfare Science & Policy at BC SPCA

Joao Costa
(PhD 2015)

Associate Professor, University of Vermont

Ruan Daros
(PhD 2019)

Associate Professor, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná

Sara Dubois
(PhD 2014)

Adjunct Professor;
BC SPCA Chief Scientific Officer

Nicole Fenwick
(MSc 2005)

Manager, Research and Standards

Lindsay (Collings) Fertilo
(MSc 2011)

Regional Dairy Specialist

Ajmal Khan
(PDF 2018)

Senior Scientist, Animal Nutrition and Physiology at AgResearch Limited, New Zealand

Benjamin (Ben) Lecorps
(PhD 2020)

Lecturer, Bristol Veterinary School

Joanna Makowska
(PhD 2016)

Adjunct Professor;
Director & Senior Scientist, Animals in Laboratories Program at the Animal Welfare Institute

Leanne McConnachie
(MSc 2007)

Consultant, Animal Welfare Programs

Sophie Neveux
(MSc 2004)

Animal Welfare and Milk Quality Advisor, Agropur

Elisabeth Ormandy
(PhD 2012)

Director of Research, Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)

Katy Proudfoot
(PhD 2013)

Associate Professor, the University of Prince Edward Island;
Director, Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre at the Atlantic Veterinary College

Erin A. Ryan
(MSc 2021)

Specialist, Wild Animal Welfare at BC SPCA

Anne-Marieke Smid
(PhD 2019)

Postdoctoral Scholar, the University of Calgary

Christine Sumner
(PhD 2018)

 Science Officer, SPCA New Zealand

Geoff Urton
(MSc 2009)

Principal, Your Purpose Coaching and Consulting

Beth Ventura
(PhD 2015)

Senior Lecturer, Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare Group at the University of Lincoln

Kai von Rentzell
(MSc 2023)

Devon Wilson
(MSc 2019)

PhD Candidate, University of Guelph

Amber Itle
(MSc 2014)

Washington State Veterinarian at the State Department of Agriculture

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