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  • Congratulations to November 2019 Animal Welfare Program graduates
    The Animal Welfare Program would like to congratulate the five graduates who had a PhD conferred this fall – Dr. Anne-Marieke Smid, Dr. Hanna Eriksson, Dr. Heather Neave, Dr. Jane Stojkov and Dr. Rolnei Daros. Drs. Daros, Smid and Stojkov are shown here with Drs. von Keyserlingk and Weary at the fall graduation ceremony. Please […]
  • TSA to use more “floppy-eared” dogs, cites Animal Welfare Program research
    Dogs are used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports nationwide to sniff out explosives and contraband. TSA officials say the agency is increasingly replacing retired pointy-eared dogs like German shepherds with floppy-eared dogs like Labrador retrievers, noting that passengers are generally more accepting of dogs with floppy ears. The TSA cited a 2016 […]
  • Research investigates public perceptions toward gene modification in dairy cattle
    New research from the Animal Welfare Program looked into public perceptions toward genetic modification in dairy cattle. Specifically, the research team used a mixed method approach to investigate if citizens’ attitudes differed depending on the application. In addition, participants were told that the modification was done for different reasons, including improved animal welfare, farm profits, […]
  • Imagining the ideal pig farm: Animal Welfare professors lead discussion at Pig Welfare Symposium
    It’s 2050 and you want to pass the farm down to your grandchildren. In an ideal world, what does that farm look like? During the recent Pig Welfare Symposium, Professors Dan Weary and Nina von Keyserlingk asked focus group participants to share their vision for pork production in 2050. Read more Pascal Debrunner
  • What Difference Does a Visit Make? Changes in Animal Welfare Perceptions after Interested Citizens Tour a Dairy Farm
    The UBC study on animal welfare perceptions following a dairy centre tour is amongst the top 10% most cited PLOS ONE papers published in 2016. Read full article Abstract Citizens’ concerns about farm animal welfare are often dismissed on the assumption that they are not well informed about farming practices. We conducted exploratory surveys of […]

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