Animals in Science

Work within UBC’s Animal Welfare Program aims to improve the lives of animals used in research, testing and teaching. Important areas of focus include humane methods of euthanasia, improved methods of housing and caring for lab animals, and understanding human perceptions of animal use. 

Who We Are

Lead Faculty, Associates, and Graduate Students


Dan Weary

Professor; NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare

Catherine Schuppli

Clinical Professor, Clinical veterinarian (UBC)

Joanna Makowska

Adjunct Professor; Laboratory Animal Advisor at Animal Welfare Institute

Maya Bodnar

MSc Student


List of Alumni

Learn about our alumni and explore their theses.


What We Do

Canadian Veterinary Journal

Dr. Daniel Weary writes a monthly column for the Canadian Veterinary Journal. The Veterinary Medical Ethics columns are made publicly available after an agreement between the authors and the Editorial committee of the Canadian Veterinary Journal. View past issues on the Canadian Veterinary Journal website.



We have videos featuring conference presentations, student work, and more for each of our research areas on our YouTube channel.


Where We Work

Animals in Care

The animal welfare program collaborates with existing programs on campus such as the UBC Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP). This is a University-wide program that covers all UBC persons who work with animals in research and teaching.


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