Maya Bodnar

Maya Bodnar

MSc Student
Animals in Science


I began my undergrad studies at LFS as a college transfer student. I had always been interested in research, but was unsure of the exact area of study I wanted to pursue. APBI 398 (Research Methods in Applied Biology) was my first introduction to research in animal welfare and the AWP. Under the mentorship of a PhD student, I assisted with a research project about laboratory mouse cage enrichment. This experience piqued my interest in laboratory rodent research, and I maintained my involvement with the AWP by working as a research assistant on various laboratory rodent welfare projects. Shortly after completing my undergraduate thesis, I received an NSERC Undergraduate Research Student Award, which allowed me to continue research in laboratory mouse welfare before beginning my MSc.

Since I can remember, I’ve loved spending time with, caring for, and trying to understand animals. It’s amazing to meet people within the AWP who share a common goal of improving the lives of animals, whether that be companion, lab, or farm. I’m especially drawn to the inclusive nature of the program and that everyone is encouraged to participate in meetings, discussions, and events. I’m excited to be a part of this great program and for what the future holds! 

Currently, I am interested in refining routine procedures in laboratory rodents, such as handling and euthanasia. My recent work has focused on refining mouse anaesthesia. I recently aimed to assess mouse aversion to low concentrations of isoflurane delivered via the “drop method”, a technique commonly used in field research when access to anesthetic equipment is limited. My MSc will focus on evaluating non-aversive handling methods for laboratory mice. 

Education & Awards

BSc in Applied Animal Biology, UBC

Affiliated Fellowships Master’s Program