Mariann Molnár has been awarded the Fellowship Award by Tiny Beam Fund

AWP Adjunct professor Mariann Molnár recently launched a new project funded by the Fellowship Award programme of the Tiny Beam Fund’s Burning Questions Initiative.

Mariann Molnár, Animal Welfare Program Adjunct Professor, will be focussing on assessing how animal production technologies used in intensive, large-scale operations influence farm animal welfare conditions.

She will be using a case study from Switzerland where technologies are pre-assessed and authorized, and special incentives to ensure farm animals with outdoor and pasture access. Her findings will be used to understand how animal welfare standards could be improved in Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

The Tiny Beam Fund describes its mission as “to support academic research that focuses on understanding and tackling industrial animal agriculture especially in less developed economies.” It notes that “The Fellowships are highly competitive. Applicants have to be truly outstanding to win these awards.”

Mariann completed a BSc Honours in Zoology at the University of Reading, an MSc and a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy at the Central European University and has been affiliated with the UBC Animal Welfare Program for 3 years.