Undergraduate Researchers are Making an Impact in Animal Welfare!

The Animal Welfare Program is thrilled to support undergraduate students in developing their research expertise through a number of programs. We would like to introduce you to a few of the students conducting research in the summer of 2022 that cover a range of disciplines within the program. You can read even more research stories here. Over the summer, students have participated in UBC’s Work Learn program, UBC’s Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award and NSERC’s Undergraduate Student Research Award. If you are looking for current opportunities, check out our current Work Learn openings. In addition, there are a number of courses that have research opportunities. Students interested in other course-based research opportunities can explore the options of completing a directed studies (APBI 497), undergraduate essay (APBI 498), or thesis (APBI 499). 

Samantha Fuller

As an Applied Animal Biology student, Samantha has explored a huge range of research opportunities! In addition to pursuing a range of animal welfare topics through courses such as Research Methods in Applied BiologyHuman-Wildlife Conflict, the graduating essay and the undergraduate thesis, she has been the recipient of two NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards. Read her story here!

Anjali Parthasarathy

Anjali is a third-year student majoring in Integrated Sciences (Honours) with a focus on Immunology and Biochemistry. She applied for a Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award for the summer of 2022 entitled “Social Perceptions of the Use of Gene-Editing Technology in Animal Science”. She was drawn to this project with the Animal Welfare Program because of her interest in genetics and gene editing. Read all about her experience here!

Sofia Rodriguez

Sofia is a fourth-year student in Applied Animal Biology. She applied for a Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award related to scientific knowledge translation through the Media Science and Communications position. She has had the opportunity to investigate the effectiveness of knowledge translation activities and develop her skill set in communications. Read her story here!

Emily Yau

Emily has been engaged in various areas within the animal welfare program during her undergraduate years at UBC. She has assisted in dairy, companion, and laboratory animal welfare research. Her time in the program has been filled with knowledgeable, passionate, and supportive people who inspired her to get involved! She found many of these opportunities through conversations with graduate students and professors as well as through Careers Online and emails from the APBI program. Read her story here!