AWP Undergraduate Work Learn Positions

The Animal Welfare Program has received funding through UBC’s Work Learn Program to hire current UBC undergraduate students in a number of different positions for September 2022 to April 2023!  These are part time positions (maximum of 300 hours).  To see if you are eligible for the program, visit the Work Learn website.

In order to apply, eligible students must log into Careers Online. Find the positions describe below on Careers Online and follow the directions to apply.  We are excited to accept applications until August 14th. If you have questions, you can reach out to us at

WL W22 Animal Welfare Program Support Assistant (Job ID: 955065)

The student will have several responsibilities throughout the work term that are grouped into three main categories:

General Program Support
The student will work closely with the Animal Welfare Research Coordinator on projects that support the research group broadly.  Examples of such projects include maintaining the Animal Welfare Student blog with current information for students within the program; providing support for communications activities including tracking and cataloguing media mentions and publications; developing content for the website and social media; coordinating program meetings and hosting online programs as required; summarizing research presentations and developing annual reports of such events; maintaining the photo library for the group. 

AWP25 Event Planning
The student will also take a lead role in coordinating activities for the AWP25 celebration!  This includes participating in webinars (online via zoom) as facilitation support, planning in-person activities related to the celebration such as speaker series and outreach events, participating in the planning committees and participating in celebration activities directly.

Research Support
The Animal Welfare Group is made up of over 30 graduate students, post-docs, faculty and staff.  From time to time the work learn student may lend support to graduate student researchers for short periods of time for tasks.  These are discreet tasks that are available on an “as needed” basis. Activities will be dependent upon project needs but will include some of the following: on-line, print material and audio tape research work and coding of videos collected in animal welfare research. 

WL W22 Dairy Cattle Welfare Animal Care Assistant (Job ID: 955588)
*IMPORTANT* this position is located at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Center in Agassiz BC. 

This position consists of hands on responsibilities related to the care of animals at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Center (DERC) that are involved in Animal Welfare research activities.

Responsibilities include:
– Routine farm chores such as feedings calves, cleaning, bringing cows to milking parlor etc.
– Fitting activity monitors on cows / calves
– Scoring body condition of cows
– Assisting in the training of dairy calves for behavioural research
– Performing health check on calves
– Scoring calf and cow behavioural measures from video

The student will be mostly working with young dairy calves and adult dairy cows. This job will consist of significant amounts of large animal handling. Students must be comfortable working with large animals. Students will often be working in pairs or under the direct supervision of a graduate student or other experienced individual at the DERC.

Task range from routine (i.e. feeding) to complex (i.e. training of animals, large animal handling).  Students must be willing to follow safety procedures and standard operating procedures at all times.

WL W22 Communications and Media Assistant for Animal Welfare  (Job ID: 955007)

The program is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022/23!  We are seeking a student with experience in communications to help us share our stories throughout the anniversary year.  We are looking for a student with experience in video editingwordpress, and other media and communications tools!

– The student will attend monthly public webinars hosted by the AWP and will develop summary materials for each event (possibilities include a podcast, an infographic, a video etc. We are open to suggestions!)

– The student will use materials gathered throughout the celebration year to produce an archive for the end of year celebration.


– The student will support updates to the Animal Welfare Program’s website.  This includes updating text content, including managing the AWP25 celebration page (i.e. updating the calendar of events).

– The student will review Google Analytics to assess the impact of the website

– The student will participate in the Communications Committee (meets monthly)

– The student will manage content for social media, under the supervision of the AWP