Maria Chen


Growing up in China, Canada, and Norway, I became fascinated by the way animals are treated in different cultures. Throughout my undergraduate years, I realized that understanding the people who work with animals is critical to improving animal welfare. My previous research projects focused on dairy farmers and calves, lab users and lab rats, and mahouts (elephant guardians) and elephants. Some of my favourite aspects of the program include the unique perspective each member brings and how open-minded, supportive, and kind everyone is.

As a Chinese-Canadian, I want to find collaborative and culturally compelling ways to improve animal welfare in China. My MSc project involves living and working alongside Chinese dairy farmers to experience their way of life. My goal is to understand how these farmers take care of their cattle and what animal welfare means to them.

Education & Awards

BSc Applied Animal Biology at University of British Columbia

UBC 2019 – SSHRC Canadian Graduate Scholarship (Masters)