Undergraduate Students

While the Animal Welfare Program does not offer an undergraduate degree option, students from various fields can enroll in coursework taught by faculty who conduct research and teach in this topic area. The Animal Welfare Program also often offers opportunities in volunteer, paid, and research roles. Learn more about these opportunities and read about current and past students’ experiences here.

Samantha Fuller

See Samantha’s story about her experience with undergraduate research in courses such as APBI 398, 495, 498 and 499. Samantha was involved in the Indigenous Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (IURMP) and held two NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA).

Kenny Go

See Kenny’s story about his experiences with undergraduate research opportunities in APBI 398 Research Methods in Applied (Biology) where he assisted graduate students with their research by conducting a literature review and analyzing data, learning organizational and presentation skills as well as gaining practical research skills and experience.

Joseph Lee

See Joseph’s story about his experience with undergraduate research at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre as a research assistant and a practicum student where he participated in studies focused on dairy calves and heifer training. Joseph participated in a variety of research opportunities acquiring knowledge in general farm animal husbandry as well as additional research experiences.

Kathen Li

See Kathen’s story about his experience with applying for research awards and participating in undergraduate research projects. Kathen is a recipient of the Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award which provided partial funding for him to work as a full-time research assistant studying behaviour in calves and dairy cows. 

Brynn McLellan

See Brynn’s story about her experience with undergraduate research assisting a PhD student through APBI 398, completing an undergraduate thesis on human-coyote conflict and working with the Animal Welfare Program at the UBC Dairy Research and Education Centre to research dairy calf welfare.  

Kathryn McLellan

See Kathryn’s story about her experience with undergraduate research in courses such as APBI 398 Research Methods in Applied Biology, working and studying with the Animal Welfare Program at the UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre and completing an undergraduate thesis on dairy cattle. 

Anjali Parthasarathy

See Anjali’s story about her research under the Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award (WLIURA). Read about her time with the AWP, with “Social Perceptions of the Use of Gene-Editing Technology in Animal Science” as her project.

Sofia Rodriguez

See Sofia’s story about her time in the Work Learn Program under the Work Learn International Undergraduate Research Award (WLIURA). She discovered Work Learn through CareersOnline, and joined as the Media Science and Communications Work Learn for the AWP.

Emily Yau

See Emily’s story about her undergraduate years at UBC. She assisted in dairy, companion, and laboratory animal welfare research. Emily found various opportunities to get involved through speaking to professors and graduate students, LFS email postings, and the APBI 496 practicum page.

Jillian Hendricks

See Jillian’s story about her experiences in undergraduate research and her journey from her BSc in Applied Animal Biology (Honours) to starting a PhD in Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol on a full scholarship. Jillian took courses such as APBI 398, 497, and 499, focusing on research in dairy science.

Yasamin Ranjbar

See Yasamin’s story about her volunteer and work opportunities that led her to her goal of veterinary school. She was involved in companion, wild, dairy, and laboratory animal welfare research and work. Yasamin completed two directed studies (APBI 497) and a practicum (APBI 496) to get hands-on experience.


Bryna Turk

See Bryna’s story about her time in APBI 495, APBI 497, and LFS 400 (Audio Storytelling), for which she made a podcast about pet-friendly housing. These experiences have led her to jobs at a local nonprofit and as a snake-monitoring field technician, and in both roles, she applies her knowledge of animal welfare and conservation.

Becky Kenworthy

See Becky’s story about how her experiences in various APBI courses have transformed the way that she approaches working with horses and opened up a new avenue of research. Becky was drawn to the AWP during her undergraduate degree in Psychology and was inspired by AWP professors in her journey.

Meghan Lok

See Meghan’s story about the academic and work experience that she gained throughout her degree and how she combined her variety of interests with animal welfare. In her final undergraduate year, she was exposed to research in APBI 398, 497, and 495 and was the AWP Communications and Media Assistant.

Katie Berlinger

See Katie’s story about how her Work Learn role at the AWP introduced her to new and enriching opportunities, such as social media management and in-lab academic research. In addition, exploring various APBI and EOSC courses has helped her find her passion for marine science.

Amalia Urloiu

See Amalia’s story about the various skillsets she has developed in her Support Assistant role with the AWP, particularly in creatively communicating research through research story infographics and qualitative data analysis. Read about how Amalia gained additional animal handling and research experience through courses such as APBI 496, 398, 495, 497, and 499.

Chloe Chambers

See Chloe’s story about her time as an Honours Applied Animal Biology student, including experiences such as being a research assistant for a project on shelter cat welfare, to conducting an Honours thesis project in One Welfare regarding access to veterinary care.