Wali Sahar

Wali Sahar

PhD Student
Dairy Cattle



I am using feeding and agonistic behaviors to develop predictive models for transition period disease. I started as a volunteer with the program and shortly after, I got involved in a big project carried out by two PhD students in the Fraser Valley. The project focused on dairy cattle health around calving. I helped with data collection and analyzing competitive behaviors of cattle during feeding time. This deeply interested me in further exploring cattle behavior, so I started an MSc with Animal Welfare Program in September 2018. Part of my work focused on agonistic and feeding behaviors of dairy cattle during pre-calving period and their association with the prevalence of production diseases during the post-calving period. I rolled over to a PhD program in September 2019.

I am from Afghanistan. I have liked working with animals since I was growing up. I completed a BSc in Animal Science from Kabul University in 2009. I then worked for the same department helping faculty with grading and leading laboratory work until 2012 when I received a scholarship to Purdue University. I completed an MSc from Purdue University in 2014 focusing on dairy nutrition. I went back to Afghanistan in 2015 and took on some teaching work for Kabul University and got involved in animal extension. The extension part of my work included delivering training on effective farming techniques and good nutrition to animals. I moved to Canada in 2017 and soon found the Animal Welfare Program, where I can acquire skills to effectively contribute to the welfare of animals.


BSc in Animal Science, Kabul University, Afghanistan
MSc Purdue University, USA