Seonpil Yoo


PhD Student
Dairy Cattle


I am from South Korea. I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seoul National University. During my master’s, I investigated the physiological impact of castration on calves at a molecular level. I drew calves’ blood and measured hormone levels in the blood. Inflicting additional pain for studying pain seemed not the best way, and this thought made me intrigued by non-invasive ways to research pain. I wanted to research deeply into the effect of pain on calves’ behavior and development, so I decided to pursue a Ph.D.

My research interests lie primarily in the impact of painful farm practices, such as disbudding and castration, and resting behaviors. My current research focuses on the impact of disbudding on calves’ memory.

I chose the AWP because I wanted to study under the leaders in the animal welfare field.


BSc, Seoul National University
MSc, Seoul National University

Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF), UBC