Lexis Ly

Lexis Ly

PhD Student
Companion Animals



Meeting the graduate students and professors of the Animal Welfare Program inspired me during my undergraduate degree. I loved the people and the collaborative environment so much that I decided to continue my studies in the program.

During my undergrad at UBC, a friend asked if I was interested in adopting two rats that were used in research with the Animal Welfare Program– my first ever pets! At the same time, I was introduced to the AWP through various undergraduate research opportunities. I began my research career in laboratory rat housing, but then moved to the social sciences for my undergraduate thesis, where I used human facial expressions to evaluate empathy toward farm animals. Before I finished my undergrad, I completed two more studies in dairy and companion animal issues. Thanks to the inspiring graduate students and professors, I knew I wanted to continue my research with the AWP!

My PhD research focuses on projects where we can use data to understand One Welfare issues in animal sheltering. My work includes topics such as companion animal ownership in vulnerable communities, climate change, veterinary disaster response, and methods to reduce intake and increase adoption in shelters.

Education & Awards

BSc Honours in Applied Animal Biology, UBC (2020)

Four Year Doctoral Fellowship [4YF] (2022)

SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship – Masters [CGS-M] (2020)