Lara Sirovica

Lara Sirovica

PhD Student
Dairy Cattle; Animals in Society


I chose this program because of the wonderful opportunities it presents to learn from an amazing group of researchers and to collaborate on complex animal welfare issues and potential paths forward to address these issues and improve animal welfare.

I have always enjoyed being around and working with animals. However, it was not until I started interning in animal behaviour and in animal welfare labs as an undergraduate that I realized the importance and applicability of research to animal welfare. Since then I have enjoyed working with and studying a number of different animals, including chickens, monkeys, cats and dogs, pigs, and cattle. During my MSc. at UBC, I also had the opportunity to explore more of the human side of human-animal interactions, and this has influenced my interests in investigating different stakeholder perceptions and roles in animal care and animal welfare concerns.

Education and Awards

BSc. Animal Science (UC Davis);

MSc. Applied Animal Biology (UBC)

Four Year Doctoral Fellowship (4YF)