Kehan (Sky) Sheng

Kehan (Sky) Sheng

PhD Student
Dairy Cattle


My research focuses on monitoring the behaviour and welfare of dairy cows on an individual level with the use of meta-analysis. My current research project includes analyzing the feeding behaviours and dominant hierarchy of dairy cows under various contexts. Additionally, I have created a cyborg (a combination of human and robot) to conduct lameness assessment of dairy cows through the use of Amazon MTurk.

I grew up in Yantai, China. My wish to make a difference for animals in China drove me to North America to learn more about animal knowledge and specifically animal welfare. I chose to come to UBC because I love exploring new opportunities and it’s such a pleasure to be able to work with pioneers in animal welfare science.

Education & Awards

BSc in Animal Science, Minor in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin

Dairy Farmers of Canada My Dairy Research Student Competition: First Place (2021: $1,500)

Pei-Huang Tung and Tan-Wen Tung Graduate Fellowship (2021: $16,000)

Elizabeth R Howland Fellowship Award (2020: $16,000)