Kai von Rentzell

Kai von Rentzell with a dog

Kai von Rentzell

MSc Student
Companion Animals


My current research focuses on the effect of sourcing on dog welfare. I chose this program to work alongside, and learn from some of the most talented and passionate researchers of animal welfare.

I am from Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in a highly populated urban city, my main interactions with animals were limited to playing with stray cats in my neighbourhood. Despite my brief interactions, I was always fascinated by animals. It was during my undergraduate years at UBC that I first learned of Animal Welfare. Since then, I got involved in the Animal Welfare Program as a research assistant, where I had the opportunity to meet many of the faculty members and learn more about their research. I officially joined the Animal Welfare Program as a Master’s student in September 2020.


BSc in Applied Animal Biology, UBC