Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth Russell

PhD Student
Dairy Cattle



I started my Masters in September 2019 and my research focuses on weaning dairy calves. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to study and collaborate with the cream of the crop in the animal welfare world. The progressive and well-known research in dairy cattle welfare is why I chose UBC’s AWP. The wonderful people and the beautiful British Columbia are an added bonus!

I was raised in a small town located in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t come from an agricultural family, so my decision to join the dairy industry can be credited to the agricultural community of my hometown. I graduated from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo in 2017 with a BSc in Dairy Science and a minor in Sustainable Agriculture. During undergrad, I spent 4 years working on Cal Poly’s student-operated dairy. Immediately after graduating, I moved to Colorado for a summer internship with Aurora Organic Dairy. My experiences in the dairy industry are what prompted me to return to school and pursue further education. I earned my MSc from the AWP in November of 2021. My MSc thesis focused on the perspectives of Western Canadian dairy producers on calf rearing. As of January 2022, I have begun my PhD at the AWP.


BSc Dairy Science, Minor in Sustainable Agriculture (California Polytechnic State University)

MSc Applied Animal Biology (University of British Columbia)