Bailey Eagan

Bailey Eagan

PhD Student
Companion Animals


Growing up on a hobby farm in Ontario, I was very fortunate to have had many opportunities to interact with, and learn from, animals. From donkeys to dolphins to dogs, I have always had an interest in finding ways to help improve the lives of animals.

I completed my B.Sc. in Honours Biology at Queen’s University in 2013. I have had opportunities to work in veterinary clinics, farms, animal shelters, a wildlife rehabilitation centre, and a marine mammal research facility. Recently, I piloted a successful project to increase land-based whale watching and cetacean data collection in British Columbia.

Through my experiences, I have strengthened my resolve to contribute to animal welfare research. In September 2017, I became an M.Sc. student in UBC’s Animal Welfare Program where I will be working with the BC SPCA conducting a project to help understand and improve companion animal welfare in shelter environments.


BSc in Honours Biology, Queen’s University (2013)

MSc in Applied Animal Biology, UBC