Achieving Change for Wild Animals

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Liv Baker PhD 2014

Assistant Professor (Affiliated Faculty), Hunter College

Liv Baker is a conservation behaviorist and an expert in animal wellbeing. She researches how animals engage with their environments and their roles in the health of their social groups, cultures, and populations. She also explores patterns of wellbeing and behavior across the animal kingdom; studying a range of animals from elephants, primates, arachnids, cats, and rodents, to macropods. Liv also collaborates with sanctuaries to study the wellbeing of farmed animals outside of the sphere of industry. Dr. Baker holds a BA in Biology and Chemistry, an MSc in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and a PhD in Applied Animal Biology.

PhD Thesis

Nadia Xenakis MSc 2021

Specialist – Wild Animal Welfare, BC SPCA

While completing her BSc in Applied Animal Biology, Nadia Xenakis worked at veterinary clinics, animal shelters, interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center, and volunteered with graduate students in the Animal Welfare Program. She started her MSc in 2019 with the BC SPCA and TransLink to monitor the effects of pigeon contraception to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. After graduating in 2021, Nadia started working as the Urban Wildlife Programs Coordinator at the Stanley Park Ecology Society, which includes running the Co-Existing with Coyotes program in the Lower Mainland. She is excited to bring research into her work to promote humane co-existence with wildlife.

MSc Thesis

Erin A. Ryan MSc 2021

Manager, Campaigns – Wildlife, Humane Society International/Canada

Erin A. Ryan is an experienced science communications specialist who was working with the BC SPCA Science & Policy Division in wild animal welfare at the time of this webinar. Erin supports research, online and written communications, and public education for wild and exotic animal welfare and the AnimalKind accreditation program. She completed a BSc and MSc in Applied Animal Biology with the University of British Columbia, with her MSc research focused on humane rodent control. Erin has previous work experience in communications, and volunteers for a number of mentorship programs, mentoring students and Indigenous youth. She is a proud member of the Syilx Nation and a third-generation UBC graduate.

MSc Thesis

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