Nadia Xenakis

Nadia Xenakis

MSc Student
Wild Animals


I currently work on the project: Using Avian Contraceptive Ovocontrol P to Humanely Control Pigeon Populations at TransLink Skytrain Stations. What initially attracted me to the Animal Welfare Program was, ironically, the people. I craved an environment where my colleagues were open-minded, friendly, supportive, fiercely intelligent and loved a good debate.

I am from Richmond, BC. I have a varied and long background working with animals in different capacities including veterinary clinics and hospitals; wildlife rehabilitation centres; municipal animal shelters; and sanctuaries. I have an appreciation for the fast-paced, dynamic and applied work environment that comes with working with animals and feel privileged to have experienced such a variety of work settings. From this experience, I’ve grown a strong interest in policy and understanding what informs existing policy and the work that goes into creating new and efficient practices. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to conduct research that benefits wildlife and includes industry stakeholders in the process by exploring humane pest management options. When not working, I love walking my dog through Steveston Village, providing my cat with a warm body to rest on, boxing, knitting, and consuming large quantities of horror novels.


BSc (Hons.), University of British Columbia