Michael Brunt

Michael Brunt

PhD Student
Animals in Science

Student Profile


Meaningful dialogue with mainstream society about the limits and context in which animal use can occur requires some degree of openness regarding the details of this use, including which animals are used, how they are cared for, and what quality of life they are likely to experience. I research how perceptions of transparency influence the social acceptability of animal use in science. I chose to AWP because of the people. The faculty are not only world-leading scholars but more importantly they are friendly, welcoming and accessible. They create a team environment that support student interests and creativity to empower exploration, development, and success.

I am from Williamsburg, Ontario. I grew up on a small family farm in rural Ontario outside of Ottawa. After my degree at the University of Guelph I worked for 18 years as a laboratory animal science professional caring for the psychological and physical needs of research and teaching animals. I am a Registered Master Laboratory Animal Technician with the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science and a Certified Manager of Animal Resources with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. I sit on the board of directors of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science, the Americas and Caribbean Regional Committee of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science, the University of British Columbia Animal Care Committee and the Canadian Council on Animal Care’s Public Affairs and Communication Committee.

Education & Awards

BSc University of Guelph
MSc Ontario Veterinary College

Social Science and Humanities Research Council CGS
Doctoral Scholarship, UBC Public Scholarship