Lara Sirovica

Lara Sirovica

MSc Student
Dairy Cattle


My current research project is focused on exploring public perceptions of dairy cattle welfare in different cow-calf management systems. I chose the animal welfare program to join and learn from a group of researchers passionate about discovering the best ways to discuss and improve welfare for all species from wildlife, to companion, to livestock animals, and the people who interact with these animals.

I am from Alamo, California. I grew up in the California Bay Area with a keen interest in animals and graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Animal Science in June 2018. While at UC Davis I became intrigued by the study of animal welfare and joined multiple behaviour and welfare focused labs working with a variety of species. I did an undergraduate honors thesis on boars’ preference for and behavioural responses to practical enrichment options. This furthered my interest in exploring how our management of animals interplays with their behaviour and welfare. I believe that working closely and collectively with all the stakeholders affected by animal production (animals, producers, and consumers) is imperative to improve overall welfare and the sustainability of animal management practices. While at UBC I am excited to continue learning about animal welfare, ways to improve it, and the best ways to apply research to current animal management practices.


B.S. in Animal Science from UC Davis