Katherine (Katie) Koralesky

Katherine (Katie) Koralesky

PhD Student
Dairy Cattle



I am using realist evaluation to understand the underlying mechanisms that influence dairy farmer adherence to standard operating procedures. Additionally, I am using institutional ethnography to understand how animal welfare law enforcement and sheltering shapes what happens to animals that become part of this system. Finally, my interest in teaching has led me to conduct a research project about participation in undergraduate classrooms with two UBC faculty. I chose the Animal Welfare Program for the opportunity to work with the outstanding faculty here and because the program welcomes students interested in approaching animal welfare issues from a social science perspective.

I am from LaCrosse, Wisconsin USA. I became interested in sustainable agriculture during my undergraduate degree and began working on farms that grew produce and also raised chickens, turkeys, and rabbits. I became specifically interested in farm animal welfare, and since then, have found opportunities to learn more about animal welfare issues from other farms, and as a volunteer at the Humane Society and a feral cat rescue program. I joined the Peace Corps in 2009 as an extension agent and worked for three years in the West African country of Togo. In the Peace Corps, I encouraged collaboration throughout the community and created a place to teach and discuss practical and inexpensive methods for improving the welfare of animals. In Vancouver, I am a volunteer coordinator at the BC SPCA.

Education & Awards

BA Spanish and Environmental Studies (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
MSc Applied Animal Biology (UBC)

Land and Food Systems Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award 2019
Land and Food Systems Graduate Student Service Award 2019