UBC Animal Welfare Judging & Assessment Team takes 1st place at Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging/Assessment Competition


The Animal Welfare Judging & Assessment Team placed 1st , of thirteen teams, in the undergraduate competition at the 16th Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging & Assessment Competition, held Nov 12-13 at The Ohio State University.  Congratulations to team members, and Faculty of Land & Food Systems applied animal biology majors,  Gabriela Schauber, Varsha Rani, Nevene Hammoud and Savannah Goldstein.In the individual rankings, Nevene placed 1st and Savannah placed 5th, with Varsha and Gabriela also placing in the top ten, out of approximately 65 individual participants.

A very special thank you and congratulations to the team coaches, UBC Animal Welfare Program graduate students Katie Mills and Laura Whalin. This was only UBC’s third year in this competition, finishing 4th  (2014), 2nd (2015) and now 1st!

For more information about contest details and to support the teams efforts, please check out this link:

https://support.ubc.ca/projects/support-our-students-in-the-animal-welfare-judging-and-assessment-contest/ .

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