Areas of Research

Dairy Animals

Calves are social animals. Recent studies have found that the learning abilities calves gain from social interactions help them cope with challenges later in life. [read more]

Animals in Science

The issues of pain and distress in research animals, as well as the impacts of common laboratory procedures and standard husbandry practices concerns the general public and thoughtful researchers. [read more]

Wildlife-Human Interactions

Human activities often have profound if unintended effects on these animals, and these impacts are an important area of concern to many British Columbians. [read more]

Companion Animals

There is a need for more science-based information about the problem of physiological and emotional stress experienced by dogs in shelter settings. [read more]

Public Views of Animal Use

An increasingly important aspect of animal welfare research and outreach is promoting dialogue between researchers, scientists, policy makers and the public - all with the view to improving the lives of animals. [read more]

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