Supporting Specific Research Areas

Gifts have been crucial to the breadth of work done in the Program. Most gifts are used to support area where is no formal program of research funding. For example, gifts have supported:

Amelia MacRae’s research that improved the feeding and health of orphaned harbour seal pups

Anna Drake’s research on improving the raising of mallard ducklings brought to wildlife rehabilitation facilities

Nancy Clarke’s work on reducing stress in dogs in shelters

Jeff Spooner’s study that identified the animal welfare issues and concerns faced by cattle ranchers

Gifts can be directed to a specific area such as companion animals, farm animals, lab animals or wild animals, or they can be designated for the areas of greatest need.  If you would like to know how to direct your gift to a specific research area, please reach out to the Research Coordinator at

For more information on giving options and opportunities, contact the Faculty of Land and Food Systems Development Office:

Sabrina Yan
Development Officer