Stakeholder Views of Animal Use

AWP alumnus Leanne McConnachie shares her research findings with “The Scrivener”

To see her article, follow this link.

Congratulations to MSc Student, Maria Chen for winning the “People’s Choice” award for her presentation at the Land and Food Systems Graduate Student Conference.

Professor Dan Weary contributes to a critical reflection on animal welfare

The week the journal Animal Welfare published its first ever complete volume of open access papers. This volume, entitled “Animal Welfare Reconsidered”, consists of a series of papers that all seek to provide critical reflection on topics relevant to animal welfare. Animal welfare is conceptually challenging and methodologically vexatious, and any changes required to improve welfare are often difficult […]

Banting Fellow to research social networks that influence farmers

David Fraser Speaks at the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

New research published on attitudes to pasture access for dairy cows

New research published on attitudes to pasture access for dairy cows

A paper co-authored by the AWP’s Cathy Schuppli, Nina von Keyserlingk, and Dan Weary has been recently published in the J. of Animal Science. The paper, entitled “Access to Pasture for Dairy Cows: Responses from an Online Engagement,” examined the perceptions of Canadian and American participants on the importance of pasture access for dairy cows, and […]

“Dilemmas in Animal Welfare”

A new book “Dilemmas in Animal Welfare“, co-edited by UBC’s Dan Weary, was recently published by CABI. The book addresses some of the current debates in animal welfare such as tail docking, pet obesity, and neutering of feral cats. Dan has also contributed a chapter entitled “What is suffering in animals?”

Early separation of cow and calf

Newly published in the Journal of Dairy Science is an article by Beth Ventura and colleagues with UBC’s Animal Welfare Program describing attitudes toward the common practice of separating the dairy cow and calf and birth. Results suggest that this practice is a highly contentious. Opponents of early separation contended that it is emotionally stressful […]

Nature profiles Program’s research on improved euthanasia methods for lab animals

An article in this week’s edition of the journal Nature profiles the contributions of graduate students Joanna Makowska and Devina Wong in developing more humane methods of euthanizing lab animals

Two new studies on attitudes toward the use of genetically-engineered animals in science

Post-doctoral scholar, Elisabeth Ormandy, and colleagues in the Animal Welfare Program and at the Canadian Council on Animal Care recently published two articles on the use of genetically-engineered animals in research. The first article describes public attitudes towards animal research, and the effects of invasiveness, genetic engineering, and regulation. The second article described the views […]

Plenary presentation on animal suffering

The Animal Welfare Program’s Dan Weary gave a plenary presentation at the 47th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology. Dan’s presentation was entitled ‘A new science of animal suffering’. Click here to read more about the ideas presented.

More news on sow stalls

The Retail Council of Canada, including heavy hitters such as Safeway, Costco, and Walmart have announced they will transition to buying from pig farms that do not use gestations stalls for sows. To find out more read this article. For some context on what this might mean for other sectors in animal agriculture, see this […]

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